"the runner", choreography: Deborah Hay, adaptation/performance: Nadia Cusimano, skype-performance: Christiane Hommelsheim

Review Sydney Morning Herald

Performance Space at CarriageWorks
November 23, 2012
The title might sound like a rejection, but this program of seven short pieces is a breath of fresh air. Not all of them work as well as they might, but each has a refreshing individuality and as a whole they are worth seeing.
Most are solos and the theme is input from distant influences. So the opening piece, The Runner, has the performer Nadia Cusimano lightly and thoughtfully performing a solo choreographed by Deborah Hay while her collaborator, Christiane Hommelsheim, who knows the solo, looks on via a live Skype feed from Germany and makes the occasional comment on what she sees. It is engrossing to watch and a pertinent reminder on process in dance - how it is handed on from one artist to another, and the way it crosses all boundaries.